Coding and robotics to supercharge your STEM curriculum

CodeAdvantage Spark works in schools to develop student skills in logical thinking, creativity, and critical reasoning through coding and robotics. We bring experienced instructors and intellectually coherent curriculum.

Why coding?

The future will be defined by AI and advances in digital technology. For kids today, computer programming is as fundamental as reading and math.
Students who learn how to code will develop mastery, confidence, and a sense of ownership of their futures.
An excellent and relevant education offers opportunity, economic security, and agency in our increasingly digital world.

Many of the best school systems in the world have computer science as part of the core curriculum—except in the United States. It’s difficult to implement for many reasons, including highly decentralized training and decision making in American schools. Despite high demand from families, computer science education is mostly an elective or out-of-school activity. Until now.

Having partnered with over 250 schools and districts to offer coding in enrichment programs, we are proud to be the premiere computer science education provider in the United States. Now, we are providing a program that is meticulously crafted to integrate seamlessly into the core curriculum and the existing school framework - offering a robust K-8 early coding curriculum.

We provide the instructors, project-based learning curriculum, and intellectually coherent ways of building skills.

An integrated coding program is more than a class. It’s an act of educational equity. We will show you how computer science education helps bridge gaps: the digital divide, the pandemic slide, and the gender gap. It bolsters interest in STEM, spurs critical thinking, as well as creative and leadership skills.

Join us in sparking a passion for coding in the next generation with CodeAdvantage Spark.

Research Shows

Students do better

in STEM when they study computer science

  • 12% more likely to enroll in college
  • #1 source of new wages
  • It’s an act of equity, especially for girls

90% of parents want computer science education for their kids


67% of parents want computer science to be required in schools


Fewer than 5% of elemetary schools offer computer science education

Benefits of Coding

Especially for Underrepresented Youth

Bridging the digital divide

Economic mobility and job opportunities

Challenging stereotypes and promoting diversity

Empowering with marketable skills

Enhancing problem solving

Encouraging entrepreneurship and creativity

Improving academic performance

Increased representation in tech

Building confidence and aspirations

CodeAdvantage Spark

What sets us apart:
  • Whole learning environments
  • Experienced instructors
  • Intellectually coherent curriculum
  • Fun and educational
  • National infrastructure
  • We build digital competence and confidence

Courses & Skills Building

Elementary and middle school students build critical thinking and computer science skills from year to year.
  • Digital literacy + problem solving
  • Digital collaboration
  • Digital planning + organization
  • Creativity

Bright Beginnings in Bytes Intro to the exciting world of digital literacy and creativity.


Code Sprouts Fundamentals of coding, organization, and the basics of problem-solving.


Collaborative Coders Collaborative projects that boost problem-solving and creativity through coding.

  • Computational thinking
  • Design process
  • Resilience + troubleshooting
  • Understanding emerging technologies

Coding Quests A journey of computational thinking and problem-solving


Innovation Lab A focus on creativity and innovation in digital design.


Tech Trailblazers The design process, from ideation to debugging, and beyond.

  • Intuitive action
  • Creative thinking + reasoning
  • Harnessing emerging technologies
  • Advanced design + processing

Code Architects Advanced computational thinking and intuitive design.


Digital Dreamers Advanced coding, design, creative thinking, and reasoning.


Future Innovators Leadership, emerging technologies, and fostering collaboration.

CodeAdvantage Spark offers whole-school, multigrade, single grade, or custom packages. We also specialize in out-of-school, afterschool, or summer programs.
Schools provide Spark provides
Commitment to coding education
Staff member in the classroom
Highly qualified instructor
In-school classes
Project-based learning
Fun and educational computer science
Intellectually coherent curriculum
Whole learning environment

About Us

Introducing CodeAdvantage Spark
Over the past few years, our journey has led us to collaborate with over 250 schools and organizations nationwide, introducing early coding education primarily during out-of-school hours. This experience has highlighted a significant demand for incorporating coding education into the regular school curriculum. Our innovative in-school program, CodeAdvantage Spark, is designed specifically for elementary and middle school students.

Transforming In-School STEM Enrichment
Our school partners have consistently expressed a need for enrichment programs that offer genuine coding exposure, which has been a challenge to implement during regular school hours. Recognizing this gap, CodeAdvantage Spark is our response to these evolving educational needs. Our new program is meticulously crafted to integrate seamlessly into the existing school framework, offering a robust K-8 early coding curriculum.

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Coding!
CodeAdvantage Spark is more than just a coding program; it is a commitment to equip young learners with essential critical thinking skills in a manner as fundamental and integral as reading, writing, and mathematics. We believe that by instilling these skills at an early age, we are preparing students not just for the classroom, but for a world increasingly driven by technology.

Sparking a passion for coding
We are excited to partner with schools and districts to bring this transformative educational experience to students, fostering an environment where the leaders of tomorrow can flourish today. Join us in sparking a passion for coding in the next generation with CodeAdvantage Spark.

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